# Methods

# Instance Methods

// Start tracking

// Stop tracking

// Emit an event to be listened to with handsfree.on
handsfree.emit(eventName, ...args)

// A callback to call when handsfree.emit(eventName) is called
handsfree.on(eventName, cb)

# Class Methods

// Add a plugin accessible to all instances
Handsfree.use('pluginName', callback)

// Enable a plugin

// Disable a plugin

# Helpers

 * Throttles callback to run timeInMilliseconds
 * @param {function} callback The callback to run
 * @param {Integer} time How many milliseconds to throttle (in other words, run this method at most ever x milliseconds)
 * @param {Object} options {leading: true, trailing: true} @see https://lodash.com/docs/4.17.15#throttle
Handsfree.throttle(callback, time, options)
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